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Even from early childhood, video gaming has been a true lifelong passion. With a desire to learn the inner workings of the technologies we use everyday, I began to research game development which led to my interest in computer programming. Throughout my early education, I learned the basics of programming by developing simplistic games.

Aware that there are few software engineering positions in small-town West Virginia, I attended NC State University where I further explored my passion for games through the computer science department's game development concentration. I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science in December 2017 and am currently seeking employment. Meanwhile, I continue to challenge myself with personal projects to expand my skillset.

I encourage you to take a look at my projects and get in touch.

My Work

Total Narrative Toolkit

Total Narrative Toolkit Screenshot

UI Programmer - Made with Unreal Engine 4

Created for a client as part of CSC 482 - Advanced Game Projects, this toolkit provides drag-and-drop functionality for common VR functions, allowing artists who are unfamiliar with game development to easily create interactive stories in Unreal Engine. These stories can include complex elements such as narrative branching and other player choices.

Designed for games presented at walk-up kiosks, Total Narrative Toolkit uses a visual selection system, allowing non-gamers to experience VR without the need to learn any controller layout or awkwardly handle a mouse while immersed in the game world.

MegaMech: Galaxy Destroyer

MegaMech: Galaxy Destroyer Screenshot

Designer, Programmer - Made with Unreal Engine 4

MegaMech: Galaxy Destoryer places the player in the cockpit of a massive mech hellbent on destroying every solar system in the galaxy. Launch rockets at planets to destabilize their orbits, sending them hurling into the sun. Developed as part of a one-week game jam, this game can be played with or without a VR headset. A variety of input devices are supported including gamepad, mouse, keyboard, and the Oculus Remote.

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Hattery Battery

Designer, Programmer - Made with GameMaker

In a factory filled with robots, you're the one in charge of giving them the juice they need. However, robots require batteries that match their color and prefer those with hats that match their function. If you can't get each robot a suitable battery before time runs out, they will die!

This arcade-style game was developed as part of CSC 281 - Intro to Interactive Game Design and features continuously-increasing difficulty as robots start to speed up. However, fun powerups such as a Barbershop Quartet and Mariachi Mode will help you along the way.


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Mystery of the Fading Star (Artist Concept) - NASA - Depicts star Epsilon Aurigae

MegaMech: Galaxy Destroyer

This game was made as part of a team in CSC 482 - Advanced Game Projects. It also includes the following free music tracks:

Hattery Battery

This game was made as part of a team in CSC 281 - Intro to Interactive Game Design. It also includes the following free music tracks:

Thank you!

I had registered the server-survey domain hoping I would have time to create a working prototype. Unfortunately, that didn't quite happen. Regardless, I would like to thank you for the interview!

-Jude Lacek